Breaking: Plea Talks Break Down in State’s Case Against Former Attorney Lori Deveny

The criminal case is now headed to trial

Last July it was announced that disgraced former Portland, Oregon attorney Lori in the against her, for 92 counts of theft, identity theft, forgery, and criminal mistreatment stemming from her ‘work’ in personal injury matters.

Today it was learned that those plea negotiations had broken down, and that the “defense is not prepared to go forward with the plea.”

The hearing previously scheduled for next Monday, November 1 — at which was supposed to plea to avoid a lengthy trial — will now be used as a conference for the parties to schedule a lengthy trial.

Scott Healy, First Assistant District Attorney of Clackamas County, who is prosecuting the case, said, “Plea negotiations are still ongoing just like they are in any case, and a plea is still a possibility, but we need to set a trial date in the event the parties are not able to reach a final agreement on a global settlement.”

Prosecutors believe “that the trial will require a minimum of five weeks.”

Deveny also faces 24 charges in the , and her trial is currently slated to begin December 20. In that matter, Deveny was recently , and she is presently free to roam about the cabin.

More information as it becomes available. Time will tell what the last minute and resistance was related to — whether other , or or more .