Cut and Run: How Fallon Smart’s Killer Evaded Justice

Part I: The police investigation

Almost nothing seems right, and it all has far-reaching implications. To begin with: Was Abdulrahman Noorah even the driver of the car?

That sounds like a futile question to ask so many years after the incident, but it’s one that Fallon’s father, Seth Smart, would like definitively answered. After reviewing these newly released records, Smart stated, “From what I can tell, it isn’t even clear if Mr. Noorah was actually driving when his car killed my daughter.”

Page 35 of the Portland Police Bureau investigation summary.
Page 37 of the Portland Police Bureau investigation summary.
Page 51 of the Portland Police Bureau investigation summary.
They yellow line is the Lexus’ path prior to striking Fallon (blue X) and continuing around the block (red). The black X is where Fallon came to rest.
The gold Lexus at the 43-second mark
Portland Police Bureau bodycam footage of Sultan Fahad Bin Jadid

Then, nearly a half hour into the tape, Mohammed stated that “The driver is my cousin,” and then immediately identified his cousin as Abdulaziz, not Abdulrahman.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the language barrier was a problem during this interview, because the officer did not jump on that conflicting information.

Yet there were further attempts to shake Mohammed from his story as it goes into the second clip. The officer cautioned “Now I want to let you know that people lie to us, okay, and I don’t want you to lie, because if we find out later, okay, then there’s gonna be issues.”

Portland Police Bureau bodycam footage of Mohammed Abdulaziz Boxmati

A more plausible explanation is that the actual driver was from a prominent Saudi Arabian family. Noorah was of a a low rank and at a 2-year college getting a tech degree. His mother was a kindergarten teacher.

When viewed through the lens of everything that happened after that day, in the court case, this theory — that Noorah was outranked — becomes the most probable explanation.

No matter what they may be, Fallon’s family deserves some answers. Her father Seth told me, “It has been almost six years since Fallon was killed. It has been over five years since Mr. Noorah cut his ankle monitor and fled the united states, and my family is not one bit closer to justice or closure.”



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