Supreme Court Justices must be prosecuted for defrauding the legislative branch and the American people

Stephanie Volin
2 min readJun 26, 2022


America, we have an urgent problem: Lots of us — including some who are savvy, have legal experience, and who should know better — are at a loss for what to do when a judge commits a crime.

The answer, of course, is to prosecute them, just like we do with every other criminal in this country.

After all, judges are not some elite or protected class for whom laws do not apply, nor should their criminal investigations be handled by the state bar or a judicial oversight commission — neither agency carries handcuffs.

Yet social media has been ablaze the last few days with cries to merely impeach the justices who recently made false representations to the Senate Judiciary Committee — about Roe v. Wade as settled law — in order to secure their U.S. Supreme Court appointments.

Impeachment is, of course, an acceptable secondary repercussion for such conduct, but even that severe professional sanction cannot replace jail time. Really, nothing can.

That’s why it’s not at all irrational for the public to demand a trial for these criminals: Fair and even prosecution is what keeps society in order and maintains public confidence in our criminal justice system. It’s now just a matter of someone having the will to show the American people that nobody is exempt from our laws, especially not our Supreme Court Justices.

And speaking as an American who has grown increasingly alarmed by the lack of actual legal consequences for those in the highest positions in DC, it’s time to see some handcuffs and the unsexiest perp walks ever. Just don’t forget to Mirandize them!

Not much more needs to be said or shown on this subject, except the math — and yeah, I did indeed say “domestic terrorism” and “conspiracy.”

Of course it will be awkward to arrest Supreme Court Justices, but it must be done.
I said what I said.
If the conspiracy fits, wear it.