Flight Risk Episode 1: Fallon Smart

The Saudi Students who Escaped Oregon Justice — VIDEO

She was just trying to cross the street in Portland, Oregon, but ended up having a national policy rule named after her…

Part 1 chronicles Fallon Smart’s devastating death, the police investigation into the hit and run, and the criminal court case against Abdulrahman Noorah— all of which preceded the discovery of the larger pattern: Saudi Arabian college students in trouble with the law in the U.S., fleeing the country before trial.

Unlike other reporting, this series will focus on public corruption, negligence, and misconduct by Americans on these students’ behalf. That is, it wasn’t just the Saudi government that facilitated their escape.

The 4-part docuseries premieres a new episode every week.¹ Subscribe to my YouTube channel for notifications.

¹ This series had been delayed due to a death in my family.