Megan Moeller Sentenced

Disgraced Oregon attorney to spend 70 days in prison

After her testimony, Chief Judge Marco A. Hernández corrected Moeller, stating “The behavior that’s before this court goes beyond a ‘bad job.’ This goes to the intent to forge documents, that led people to believe that things were as they weren’t.”

He continued, “That’s beyond simply being neglectful, and getting into an area of simply misleading people that, with an awareness that that’s going to cause some harm. And this is much worse than simply a ‘bad job’ for your client.”

Judge Hernández also considered the extensive misconduct that was abundantly described in the government’s sentencing memorandum, which sought a term of 14 months in prison. That document included reference to an additional nine victims who Moeller “defrauded” as part of her “pattern of deceit” to which she pleaded guilty in May.

Megan Moeller in US District Court in Portland



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