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Feds revoke Oregon State Bar’s immunity passport

The first part of the article provides a general overview and history of the CSF; notes the almost 50 percent increase in the number of claims filed with the CSF in 2018; and explains that the increase in claims filed in 2018 was “driven primarily by claims against a handful of attorneys who are alleged to have converted clients“ settlement funds.

The second part of the article provides the information required by CSF Rule 6.9 regarding CSF awards made during 2018. Claims are organized by attorney and attorneys are listed in alphabetical order. The article only details awards made in 2018; it does not include specific information about claims that were denied or claims that were made prior to publication and were still under investigation or otherwise pending at the end of 2018.

Hollister’s entire article may be read here. Decide for yourself whether or not her excuses are plausible, or if Hollister instead intended for her readers to think that those eight men were responsible for the “stark increase” in CSF claims in 2018.



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