Slipped Disks

The Bar’s botched custodianship over Lori Deveny’s files

At that time, Multnomah Judge Stephen Bushong ordered the Oregon State Bar to take immediate possession of Deveny’s former law practice, including her trust accounts and all client property and records.

But rather than take possession of those things, the Bar instead allowed Deveny to turn over those things, at her own speed, and only when it suited her own devices.

The Bar apoplectically denies this and demands that we believe them based on their word alone — even when their own records contradict their claims.

If the Bar took possession of all of Lori Deveny’s files in October 2018 — as it claims to have done — and has been working diligently since then to return those files to her clients… then where the hell did these disks come from, three years after the fact?

If the Bar come across another seventeen boxes of “misplaced” Deveny files in their own basement (like they did in November 2019), that needs to be disclosed to the public like it was the last time.

That is to say, it is certain that Lori Deveny is still withholding some number of files from the Oregon State Bar, despite being ordered to surrender them by four judges in four separate cases — including criminal cases in both state and federal court.

The Bar could have skated past this little problem — and probably tried to — by quietly slipping the disks into envelopes, addressing those envelopes to the correct clients, and mailing them with zero fanfare.



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