The Bar’s Trojan Horse

Is the Oregon State Bar using an ethics complaint as a pretext to protect itself?

… something like the edges of a criminal investigation that implicates themselves, their staff, or their politically-connected friends.

There is much contained in a Declaration filed in Mr. Ashton’s case (by his lawyer) that indicates that the important question of “what did the bar know and when did they know it” was not well-answered, and affected the statute of limitations in Ashton’s matter.

There is also much in the Declaration that suggests official misconduct on the OSB’s part. It is certain that the OSB would want to know what sort of material was out there that was not put in the Declaration.

“What did the bar know?” was a major problem because of the OSB’s friend Lori Deveny, whose misconduct is relevant to the dismissed charge against Ashton, and who involved the OSB in it directly when her law practice imploded in 2018, requiring their services. That’s the same Deveny whose name is curiously absent from the Oregonian article, despite the reams of material they have already published about her and could easily link to.



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