Without Consent

The appalling crimes of former Oregon attorney Megan Perry

Perry (aka Moeller): an Oregon attorney who made a career out of custodial interference.

Kidnapping — even when done by a lawyer, and even when laundered through the court — is still kidnapping.

Here are the facts: On January 9, 2015, Megan Perry walked into the Linn County Circuit Court and filed a petition for her client Donna Dove to gain temporary guardianship of Dove’s grandson.

Despite the care that should be taken with such a sensitive matter — where a child could be separated from his parents — Perry did not submit one scrap of evidence to support her ugly claims: no birth certificate, no DHS report. Nothing.

Shockingly, just two hours after submitting this unevidenced pile of garbage to the court, and without any hearing on the matter, Judge David Delsman signed an order granting Donna Dove temporary guardianship of her grandson. A week later, it was made permanent; again without a hearing.

The many places that Blainey Elkin’s son was moved to.
One of the suspicious notarizations.
The fraudulent notarization made by Perry or Linda Imperio.