All Fixed Up And Nowhere To Go

Case-fixing in Multnomah County Court on behalf of former attorney Lori Deveny

Former attorney Lori Deveny is one of those elite friends.

Perhaps most breathtaking was the OSB’s decree that Deveny had “earned” her 33% contingency fee, even in cases she had hastily settled in her own interests, and in which she had forged clients’ signatures and stolen their settlement checks.

Multnomah case no. 18CV54964: Debra Kali Miller v. Lori Deveny

Multnomah case no. 18CV30554: KeyBank National v. Lori Deveny

Then something truly bonkers happened: The case was dismissed, without any written (or verbal) notice to KeyBank, “for want of prosecution.” The General Judgment of Dismissal stated that a 28-day notice was issued, but this is false: There is no such notice of dismissal in the record.

It’s the irregularities.