Lori Deveny State Sentencing Updates

Check back daily for brief dispatches during multi-day hearing

Not sure why three scheduled days were removed from the hearing, but it’s over now, with a proverbial whimper.

Day 1: January 26

The biggest news came from Sitton’s testimony, when he confirmed that Deveny had settled a disabled Marine Corps veteran’s personal injury case for a third of what it was actually worth. How did Sitton learn this? He’d obtained internal emails from the insurance company discussing how quickly they needed to accept Deveny’s $1.3 million lowball offer, because the claim was worth over $5 million.

Day 2: January 27

Lori Deveny’s home March 12, 2018; and Deveny at a hunting convention on April 6, 2018.

Day 3: January 30

We are incredibly frustrated at the massive failure of the bar association for their failure to hold Lori Deveny fully accountable for the fraud and the thefts. The fact that Lori was allowed to keep records and assets after being disbarred was a travesty against every victim. This massive failure to hold Lori accountable gave this vile and deceitful criminal opportunity to continue to spread her falsehoods and hide her assets. The bar association actually sent us boxes of files with other victims’ case records included. [The Bar] failed to even do a cursory examination of all the files and records that Lori eventually released to them. I received and documented medical records and statements belonging to up to 4 other alleged victims. Who knows what else Lori was able to hide because of these blunders.

January 31 — court not in session

Day 4: February 1

Perhaps the biggest bombshell from today’s hearing came when Healy referred to “the conduct between she and her husband, we have no way of knowing, he’s no longer here to refute that… although I will say she took the insurance money that she got from his death and tried to stay afloat…. So I think law enforcement might look at that situation — that is his death — through a different lens today, than maybe they didn’t at the time.”

Healy told me, “The State is happy the defendant is finally sentenced and there is closure for all her victims, and everyone associated with the case. We respect Judge Hodson’s sentence and hope this serves as a deterrent to anyone in a similar position that is contemplating such predatory conduct against similarly vulnerable victims.”



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