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Lawyer and psychologist Landon Poppleton wants to review outdated gynecological records to determine custody

Stephanie Volin
4 min readFeb 5, 2024

Oregon and Utah custody evaluator Dr. Landon Poppleton — who is a psychologist, lawyer, and self-published author, but not a medical doctor — evidently believes that he can determine parental fitness through his careful inspection of out-of-date gynecological records.

If pelvically is the way Poppleton conducts all of his custody exams, we cannot know, due to the confidentiality of his particular line of work.

But in the severely messed-up case of the guardianship over minor Kye Janssen, Poppleton has demanded that the mother, Blainey Elkins, give him unlimited access to her ancient medical history — especially anything to do with her uterus.

That might be relevant if Kye were a newborn, but he is now nine years old, and most of those records are ten. And, to repeat, Poppleton has no apparent medical training that would license him to draw any scientific conclusion about Elkins’ body or health; and his unlicensed musings about them are worth even less. Period.

Of equal concern, there is nothing in the court order appointing him that allows Poppleton access to Elkins’ medical records. In fact, the order makes no mention of medical records or history at all.

The order confers upon Poppleton only one thing that relates to health: At any time he believes necessary, he can ask the parties¹ to provide bodily fluids for testing — presumably performed by an outside lab… unless bodily-fluid-testing is also a hobby of Poppleton’s, in addition to amateur-gynecological-records-inspection.

Since his appointment nearly two years ago, Poppleton has not once asked Elkins — or her opponent — to piss in cup. We must therefore conclude that he has zero concerns about their health, and that he just wants to overstep his authority.

Speaking of medical records that someone actually should be concerned about, are the large sections of records missing from Kye’s own medical history: According to the skimpy files produced by his grandma/guardian Donna Dove, Kye has not been seen by any doctor from 2015 to 2017, or from 2020 to 2023.

Yet, at the same time, Dove claims that Kye is very sick.

Given that Dove took a premature but otherwise healthy and normal baby away from his mother in 2015, just months after his birth, that would mean he got sick under Dove’s watch and care, not Elkins’.

And given the fact that Kye is now known by a wholly fabricated name, we can also deduce that there is a second, secret set of medical records out there that Dove doesn’t want anyone to see. If so, that smells a lot like Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, i.e. medical child abuse.

The scant records Elkins did receive show Dove and Raeni Coleton-Ruske (Kye’s aunt) aggressively shopping for a diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome. They never got one, but they also never seem to have stopped trying.

Consequently, the records are liberally peppered with the terms “FAS” and “fetal alcohol syndrome” coming out of their mouths, in an effort to prejudice a casual, unlicensed reader.

Someone exactly like Poppleton, for instance.

Since snatching Kye in 2015 — through fraud committed by her now-disgraced, now-former attorney and others— Dove has refused to allow Elkins to speak to or even see a single photo of her son — all while simultaneously claiming that Elkins had never asked for contact, or could not be found.²

Presently, Dove has announced her opposition to Elkins’ request for a restraining order — an order that would ensure that Kye’s routine and home address are undisturbed while the mess is sorted out.

That is, the restraining order would formally and legally prevent Dove from hiding or secreting the child, or even fleeing the country.

The fact that Dove opposes such an order — one that provides the child under her care with the merest level of protection that a court has to offer — while she also refuses to produce a single photo of the boy, is terrifying.

It’s a huge red flag, visible from space. If only someone besides me — like, say, a judge or lawyer — were paying attention to this disgraceful nightmare, or simply cared… even if they cared only about their own reputation.

Getting back to Poppleton, we can be sure that the brilliant idea to give the finger to Elkins’ HIPAA rights did not come from him. Rather, it’s a clear sign of the type of prejudice so easily generated by bad people who have done shameful things, and who are desperate to avoid being discovered.

A thumbnail image of Kye, enrolled in elementary school in Utah under his fake name, which appeared in the thin records provided as discovery. This is the only photo Elkins has seen of her son in 9 years.

¹ The order appointing Poppleton was so poorly written — by Corvallis attorney Lorena Reynolds — that technically, even she and Elkins’ attorney are subject to bodily fluid testing (!):

Maybe the two lawyers submitting to a urinalysis is precisely what this mess needs.

² As recently as June 2020, Dove was filing falsely sworn garbage in the Utah courts in her effort to avoid properly serving Elkins with a petition to terminate her parental rights. Fortunately, the Utah judge was more concerned with this child and mother than the Oregon judge, and did not allow alternate service. Dove quickly abandoned the case thereafter.